First day at home

542916211_dc9ee0549c_oWe’ve met soon after my birth. I was born in a family of 10 – 2 parents and 8 kids. I wasn’t able to see at that time, so I’ve tried to learn about the world by using my senses.

I was 8 days old when I met her. She walked into the house and she sat down. All my brothers and sisters went to her immediately to welcome her. I was so sleepy…and bored. Not seeing is not fun thou…

I felt her smell and I was curious. So I went to her too. She started to make a loud noise (that I later learned that it is the human laugh) but somehow that noise didn’t bother me at all. Is was quite funny. The long journey from my bed to her leg made me tired. I was….really I was trying to say hello but I fell asleep. I felt that somehow she has a good heart and I felt protected.

As a small child I was sleeping quite a lot (and I still do) and she didn’t moved her leg not one bit. Then I decided that I like her. When she left I felt lost.

She used to come to see me once a week and than I felt that the distance between me and my brothers increased more and more every day while I fell in love with this human creature.

When I was three month old she came and she took me in her arms and started to talk to me gibberish. I didn’t understand a word she said but it felt that my life will be somehow connected to her’s in a very strange and surprising way from that very day.

I left behind my family that day not without regrets but knowing that everyone of us will be fine and understanding that it is time for me to have my own way.

I was both curious and frighten about the new world opening in front of me and I wanted to know everything that will ever happen to me in that very moment. But I couldn’t even imagine what an adventurous world lied at my feet.

And so it was until now. But I will reveal everything step by step because my story is an amazing one.

Ah, yes, about the picture. This is my first one, taken in my new home at the starting point of my new life. 🙂


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