The Black Beetle Case

dioda - beetleWe all have those crazy stories where we end up being the heroes. I have tons of those and today I am going to tell you the terrific story about the black bug. Yes, humans, I fought a bug and won! Well, technically…

One summery night I was at home babysitting the little human. We were both in the kitchen, working on some writing projects we had when we heard a noise: „Zzzzzzzum, zzzzzzum!”

I ignored it, as I usually do, thinking it’s just the refrigerator acting out. After 5 seconds me and the human were both under her desk in the opposite corner of the house. We saw it: it was big, black, and full of evil. A mutant beetle that came in with the wind. For 10 minuted we talked and drew a strategy, what we were supposed to do in order to get rid of our new enemy. So when the human opened the door and told me to follow her I just took the opposite road and ended up underneath the bed.

Why, are you asking? The little human is at an age where she better start learning how to do things on herself. So I thought this was the best exercise she can get. Well, that, and also I don’t really like touching bugs.

I never found out what really happened, I stayed underneath the bed for as much as possible. But the sounds of horror from the kitchen were a great clue: „Oh no, oh no, you are not getting away! Aaaaaa, Dioda, come help, it’s on my face! Diodaaaa! Nevermind, I trew it out!”

I was really proud of the kid. She kept the house safe. And I am really proud of myself. After this episode I really considered starting to write an essay about educational trick that you can use in order to make a kid do things, because we all have to admit…I have a gift.


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